Dreams & Delusions…

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Rain pours rhythmically,
Drumming on rooftops,
Tinkling in gutters…
Wind howls like wolves,
Whistling around windows,
Blowing under doors…
I’m cozy inside, with my coffee.
Just enjoying the music,
Winter’s arrival.

I hope everyone is staying warm!  ~Antanya



I caught myself,
Remembering a glimpse…

I walked to the harbor.
I saw you,
Training at the boardwalk.
A martial artist,
You were art,

I admired you,
Then turned to the bay.
Gulls and pelicans were fighting with ravens,
It echoed the conflict in my heart.
I turned back to watch you
Flowing gracefully,
Though with a rigidity
That should not have been there.
Were you nervous?

I didn’t know you.
(Or didn’t think so)
Though there was something
In those eyes,
In the way you almost fumbled…

I was distraught,
Troubled by life’s darker side,
Trying not to cry,
Though I felt the sting,
Tears that should have flowed.
That sting was almost unbearable
When our eyes met.
I knew at least a part of you,
In that moment…

Your eyes were full of pain.
So similar to what I felt,
I was mesmerized.
I had an idea of who you were,
Though I hadn’t seen you before.

Sometimes I remember that day,
And I wonder if it really was you,
Or just a delusion.
Did I see what I wanted to,
Or was there recognition there?

It haunts me.
You haunt me.
Your face, your mind,