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Halloween Masks Samhain

This is perfect, I just had to share… 🙂


Love & Death

I may write something spooky today, but in case I don’t, here’s a poem I wrote a few years ago for All Hallows’ Eve. 😉

Through the Fog poetry

While her heart craves harmony,
She won’t give into this soul arsony.
Pain is an old familiar friend,
Reminding her this has no end.

Walking through this haunted hall,
She picks up a broken piece
She reads her analogy
And lets it cease
She writes her elegy…

A memory
Never seems to fade,
That tastes of honey
Laced with nightshade

She hears his ardent call,
Though she refuses to fall.
Screaming throughout her head,
It’s her own voice that she dreads.

Love to make
Her death taste sweet
Her fragile heart to break
Her dying eyes to meet…

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When I am Quiet

When I sit in silence,
My thoughts are liquid, fluid…
My consciousness tilts,
And all of my watery ideas
Rush toward you.
There is nothing left to do
But imagine
You imagining me…
I feel so alive!
So connected,
Our spirits, minds, hearts
And I am lost
For words, For breath, For thought…
The connection of Love consumes me.



The strength is tougher than the weakness,
Inside, I’m constantly conflicted…
The hope is harder than the bleakness,
In time, I’m consistently addicted…
The time is never (always) too late,
We wait for our orbits to align,
The patience makes it hard to wait…
Hoping for a definitive sign…
The pain is still difficult to take,
Though we’ve grown intimately and infinitely stronger,
The dream is impossible to wake…
…We said forever, but the feeling lasts vastly longer…


Free (Can You See Me?)

I’ve been feeling free.
I’ve been breaking through
The walls of fear that hold me.
I’m uncovering my eyes,
They sting, and it’s hard to see,
But, I’m trying…
Can you see me?
I’m sorry I even felt the need to hide,
Truth is, I feel you by my side…
I’m starting to stop wondering why,
Remembering, I promised, I would fly.
Swirling with you, through a neverending sky…
…As my fears and inhibitions die.


True (Between the Lines)

Some days
I deeply desire
(It’s you I admire)
To shatter the glass
(I’ll smatter the past)
Between us…
(Love and lust)
My heart tells me
(We’ll still break free)
You’re forever mine
(We’ll stop time)
But, my mind deceives
(As spirit perceives)
As I’m left in altered reality
(As my soul divides in duality)
I still pursue the core of you
(I long to dwell within you, true…)


You Made Me (Angry)

If I do,
If I don’t…
I try to
But you

Your rigidity
Takes a stab
At me…

Don’t be
When my
Comes alive…

You’re the one
Who set it free,
You’re the one
Who’s gonna see…
Nobody fucks with me!

*Snarls and shows teeth* 😉