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Dream Themed Haiku

Blaring loud music heard,
interrupting heaven…
Stupid alarm clock.


The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Mary Ann at mypenandme for nominating me for this award!  I’m honored.  She writes some great stuff, check her out!

Seven things about myself:

1.  I was a choir nerd in High School.  😉

2.  I’m a proud mommy of a two-month old son, two cats, and a dog.

3.  I love hiking and nature walks.

4.  I’m sort of an introvert.  (You probably guessed this from reading my stuff…)

5.  Music is my cure, especially for road rage and depression…

6.  I like to make jewelry.

7.  I have sort of a photographic memory.  Memories run through my mind like movie montages…

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Tomorrow is calling
To memories, falling
Hope is enough for some
Seems it’s calling to come


Where is there?
Anywhere you care
Split, divided
Parted, then reunited
Separation within
Then love creeps slowly in
It never dies
Cuts through lies
Breaks all ties
As bitterness dies
Forgiveness becomes me
Setting my mind free
Feeling the warm sun
Separate pieces become one