Dreams & Delusions…

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Your desire pulls me in,
Your kisses drip with sin…
Your fingers dissolve my sleepiness.
New energy flows,
Catalyzed by your caress.
Blissful warmth embraces,
As our hair brushes our faces.
We move in rhythmic time,
Intertwining in bliss, sublime.

Heat fans to fire,
Oh yeah, take me higher…
Passion plays with pleasure,
Satisfaction, longed-for treasure…
Your teasing makes me wetter,
Sleep is good,
But sex is better.




I know you want to take me down,
You spread your lies all over town…
You think you can make me a victim
You want a fight, come get some!
There is a strength in me you will never know,
There is an angry passion that I’m not gonna show…
I’ve got a joy that you can’t shake,
I’ve got a love that you can’t take.
Go ahead and try to fuck with my happy life,
It won’t make you a lover, a mother, or a wife.


Duty and Productivity

I try to be productive,
But every time I do,
My stupid distracted brain
Goes and thinks of you…

I get shit done,
I work ’til I am through.
Still, my heart and brain
Won’t stop calling for you…

I feel selfish and tired,
My pining heart is mired
In these fantasies and day dreams.
We both seem happy,
but nothing is what it seems…