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Please- To: Whom it may Concern

I’ll give up my pride
For a moment of peace,
But you damage my mind
With far too much ease.
I know I shouldn’t let it slide,
But I need the pain to release…
See what you’re doing to your wife-
What you are doing to our life…
Before you end up alone, in strife.


Beautiful things

This is simply beautiful.


All the most beautiful things are pulled from the ground.

All the most beautiful things are made in a fire.

All the most beautiful things are hit again and again.

All the most beautiful things are shaped with hard hands.

Nothing about you is ugly.

You are made of the most beautiful things.

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   1201652-bigthumbnail I’m not like
The ones who chained me
And I’m not tame,
But can you blame me?

chained angel-blue and purple
These bonds have chafed me,
My arms are weakened and bruised,
But I won’t let my soul be used.

I feel my strength coming back to me,
In love and wisdom, flowing free…

My sword still bright,
Glinting in starlight-
I find my mark,
Dancing, Slicing, Stabbing
Through the dark…




MMMmmm, I am in love… 😉

Morning Dream

Light is filtering through the inky blue curtains,
And I am halfway awake, still in a dream daze…
Snuggled deep and warm in pillows and blankets.
I close my eyes to embrace waking slowly, and you are there…

I feel your warm breath…
On my shoulder,
Up my neck,
And into my ear…
A chill runs through me, as I feel your finger trace
Down the naked curve of my spine, and settle,
Cupping your hand around my ass and squeezing…

Your other hand is stroking my hair,
Caressing my neck,
Moving down to cup my breast,
I whimper, as you squeeze me
Gently, but firmly, in your strong hands…
You pull me so close, I can feel your heart pound against my spine.

My blood is ice and fire,
I am consumed
In desire,
In passion,
In need…
I wonder if you feel the same, will you to whisper my name…
I growl in need, my hunger screams to feed…

…But, then I hear the creak of my son’s door,
The pitter-patter of his feet on the floor,
Then, “Hi, mommy”, and my focus snaps to,
I’m forced to put away my fantasies of you…
But, if you asked if I still daydream of you,
I’d smile, and shyly reply, “I do.”…


Thanking Mother Nature

earth-without-art-is-just-eh-791x1024Have you ever been inspired?
Truly awed by what has transpired?
Have you stopped to thank the source?
I mean Mother Nature, of course…
For without her loving, graceful hand,
There would be no sky, no sea, no land.
When you truly see, you’ll understand
How our very existence is truly grand!
Some dwell on being hurtful and hateful,
I’d prefer to be graceful and grateful.
Our time allowed here is not very long,
So we keep filling it with poetry and song…
Happy Earth Day!


Obsession is not Devotion

When people
“Want the best”
For me,
is when I least
Want their company.
Yeah, I heard you,
“I’m only doing this
Because I love you”
But, what you really mean is-
“Do this, because I love you”
They are not the same.
One is an expression of care,
The other is manipulation to soothe
Your conscience.
I am not an object, I feel real emotions.
Please, don’t disguise your obsession as devotion.