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Melody in the Stars

Another truth lip-synched,
Another love’s heart linked…
I remember why I love this song,
It had me fooled, blind all along…
Music can transcend like that,
Make me wonder where you’re at…
Here or there, makes no difference,
Near or far, there’s no reference…
Touched, though so impossibly far,
Hoping I know now who you are…
Wishing on another bright star.



Caught Off-Guard

Drowning, fumbling, here,
Inside my troubled head.
Locked in childish fear,
I swore was burning, dead…

Is there an end,
Any, at all?
I try to mend,
Stumble, then fall.


Burn the Memories…

Memories seeping,
Bright lights through the dark,
Not worth keeping,
Release the destructive spark,
Mind is weeping,
Watching the memories arc…

A passive audience,
Drawn by your ambiance.
Created in my likeness,
Personifying darkness.

Frantic, Electric, Poetic…

Set it alight and watch it burn,
Life is taking another turn.