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I Want You

I want you
To feel the poetry
In my touch…
I want you
To know why
I love you,
And exactly how much…




Early morning
Wraps me in warmth,
Always brings my sleepy mind
Back to you, in half-consciousness-
Tell me, do you feel tangled in me?
…When I swear I feel your arms
Like sanctuary, like home
In silent acceptance…
Mutual longing.


Creativity (An Artist’s Pledge)

The unwavering purity
Of Mother Nature’s creativity
Inspires healthy jealousy
In my artistic soul…
I’ll never create
Anything as perfect,
Or as whole…
Pour inspiration
Into my optic nerve,
I live to create,
My master to serve.



I really love this. ❤

Intimately Close

When I am away
From the world,
I feel closer to you…
My dreams filled
With intimate touches,
Passionate kisses,
I fall into the beauty of us,
In the intensity of you…
As I wake to birdsong and sun,
I still feel the trace of your lips,
Still feel you holding me…
It makes me want to stay forever,
To dream of you, always…


Impossibly Near

When I go to my favorite place,
I long to touch you, see your face…
When I lay and watch twilight skies,
I ache to see the stars in your eyes…
When I start to drift in dreams and sleep,
It’s you I feel within, deliciously deep…
Warm inside, I hold you impossibly near,
Our love, stronger than any pain or fear.
I kiss you from within, hold you apart,
You hold the deepest place in my heart.


Flame & Tide (Heart & Mind)

I’ve been closing out
The thoughts that
Thrive on fear and doubt…

Opening my heart
Where I feel close to you,
We are never apart…

I feel you inside,
Keeping our sacred flame
Safe from the tide…

The thoughts that drag me under
Dissolve in my love for you,
And I’m left in wonder…

When I’m silent,
My need for you is
Gently violent…