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IMG_2554.JPGMy hands have been in this world

For 34 years,

They have seen their fair share

Of work and life, sorrow and pleasure.

These hands have held hands, hearts, and wounds

Sometimes with tenderness,

Sometimes with a fierce determination

And an unrelenting grip,

Sometimes, an umbilical lifeline.

These hands ache

To heal, to hurt, to soothe, to caress,

With the abandon only wildness brings.

Hands of a healer, a mother, a lover, an adventurer…

Hands that have stirred, kneaded, rolled, and turned over…

Hands that have clawed through the dirt, have planted many seeds,

Have brought forth life, and have taken it away…

These hands have created, written, expressed, painted,

Sawed, filed, sanded, soldered, polished,

Soothed, healed, caressed, massaged, and teased,

Nurtured, comforted, hugged, held, and tickled…

My hands are not perfect,

My hands are beautiful.