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Never Wrong

Waiting in the silence,
For your touch on my soul…
Please, let me feel
Your chaotic love
That makes me whole.
My nerves ache and long
For the rhythm of your heart,
For the art of your song…
Please, don’t leave
Without taking me along.
My heart knows,
True love is never wrong.





Wordless Wednesday.  Shhh. 😉


Seers and Doers


To be a seer
Is a burden,
In a world of doers…

They turn from
My knowing smile
With awkward, averted eyes
And nervous, fretful laughs…

Why is it so strange
To recognize souls,
To see universes in eyes?
Why does it make you uncomfortable
That I hear more than you say,
And see more than you do?
Are you worried you won’t be good enough
When you can’t hide behind what you say is true?
Don’t you want someone to know the real you?
I know, I do…


Charles Swinburne Seer Quote

Opposites ~ by Antanya St. John

I wrote this guest post for Johnny Ojanpera, he picked the photo. Check out his blog! He’s a great writer, I really enjoy his work. 🙂



I want to look in your eyes
And see your soul…
To intertwine hands,
Never letting go…
I want to find you,
To see the love inside…

To have your gaze
On only me,
For you to be
The only one I see…
That would be Heaven to me.


Awake or Asleep

My early mornings
Are laced with dreams-
Tender, teasing touches,
Passionate kisses,
Whispers and growls,
Bodies and breath,
Writhing in rhythmic cycles…
Your touch goes soul-deep
Whether I’m awake or asleep.
My most treasured fantasies,
My deepest desires,
Are yours to keep…
I don’t need to understand-
My longing soul is caressed
By your strong, soothing hands.


Peace, Please…


Show me your thoughts,

The words that hide

In the silence behind

Those fortress eyes…

If you let them drift,

I will, too…

Anything to have that

Peace with you.


-This is the fifth, and final day in the “Five Photos, Five Stories” challenge.  It’s been fun.  🙂