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Unseen, Unbound…

When the sky is no longer blue,
I’ll still be here loving you…
Loving is simply what we do.

Writers, fighters, survivors all…
When even the stars fall,
Love will carry us through it all.

I do this all for our sake,
Trust in me, know this isn’t fake.
You know I’d do anything for you,
even when you don’t want me to…

I’m through with wondering my way through this hunger,
I’m taking the doubt within me, and tearing it asunder.
I don’t know why I still feel this,
But loving you has me in a state of bliss…

I know in my heart this is forever,
I promise myself that I will “never say never”.
I know we have caused each other so much pain,
I feel the cold in your heart, like this December rain.
I’m wanting to project this to you, though not to relive,
Simply put, all I’m asking, is for you to forgive…

Share with me, this powerful healing light,
Know from me, you are never hidden from sight…
I remember our hopeless plight,
I know we both needed to fight.

You gave me something I could never ask for,
I am grateful for this never-ending fervor,
This deep, loving kindness is wrapped in splendor,
My soul is dancing through that open door…
The one that leads to both our happiness,
That comforts us both, through all our sadness…