Dreams & Delusions…

Welcome to Through the Fog!

Forget your eyes, see with your soul! ~Antanya



When I panicked

Deviated from my path

So close to disaster

I only thought of you

And staying alive…



Certain Confusion

Has been an unfamiliar accomplice,
While creation has lent itself to Complication.

Has been a strange paradox,
One of comfort, vexation, and

Has been an infuriating anguish,
As I have grasped only certain



Photo by Antanya St. John


To your smile,

Opening to the light…

After such a long night,

Staring in awe.

You are not just bright,




Never Covered

Fatally Futile

I can still feel you,

And I don’t know
What I should do.
My heart calls for you,
But that hasn’t
Brought me to you.
The years and the tears
Have been for naught,
Though they have taught
Me some hard truths,
Still, no closer to you.
If you wonder why
I have fallen silent,
I have realized how futile
It truly is
To scream for what
Is not mine.
To wait, though I still do,
Is a waste of our time…
I hope you have found
A better use
For yours,
Than I have for mine.
I hope that you find
What you’ve been searching for
In your heart, your soul, your mind.



I never wanted to leave.

It’s been hard to believe…
I had no solace or reprieve,
I never wanted to leave.

I didn’t want you to go.
In some way, you know…
The pain forced us to grow,
I didn’t want you to go.

I still feel you near.
Even through all the fear…
My love for you in every tear,
I still feel you near.

Where should we run?
Still longing to be one…
Hand in hand, toward the sun,
Where should we run?


Do You?

Do you know

The burning in your chest
When you have cried so hard
You can’t take a breath?
Do you know
The agony of love
That can’t be expressed,
The pain that never rests?
Do you know what that does,
When it drags on for years,
When it empties you,
Claws it’s way through you,
Every night?
I know it’s you.
Why do you think I have opened up?
I can feel you searching me.
You say I can change this.
You say you know,
But do you?
I don’t really know,
But I don’t think you do.