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Horizons Expand

Release my soul,
Let my heart escape,
Give me freedom!
I can feel tendrils of spirit
Flowing past the edges
Of this entrapment.
My surface, my mask
Is cracking, and my light is shining through.
I’m afraid, exposed, naked
In broad daylight.

This dark spiral,
My spirit has been caught in,
This maelstrom of dark smoke
Is throwing sparks,
Arcs of bright light,
Violet showers of luminescence.
This soul is awakening,
Opening to possibility…
As tunnel-vision horizons expand,
Further than I can see or feel…
Infinitely. Eternally.



Resistance is futile,
Or so they say…
Honestly, I don’t know
How they can live that way.
Conflict is our constant,
Peace found in dismay.
Save your complacence
For some other, brighter day.
Time to fight,
To let your voice be heard.
No matter how silly,
delusional, or absurd.
For who is ultimately responsible,
When all is said and done?
Only you, a single entity,
A drop in the sea,

Be Yourself.
You are enough.


Loving someone stubborn
Is a hard thing to do…
Especially, My love,
When that someone is you.
You think I’m ignoring you
When you try to talk…
If I was, I wouldn’t be standing here,
I’d turn my back and walk.
What good would it be,
To tell you how this feels?
It would just be a waste of time,
Because my worries aren’t “real”.
Truth is, I’m anxious and afraid
Of all these plans you have made.
You say you’ve thought this through,
That we mean everything to you…
Will that be enough, while you are away?
I’ll be counting minutes, worrying each day.
While you are out there, making us a life,
Please, don’t forget your worried, loving wife.


Make Me…

Make me feel
Make me cry,
Make me scream,
Make me fight
For that dream.
Make me howl,
Make me hurt,
Make me dig
Deep in the dirt.
Make me claw,
Make me scrape,
Make me be
Your one escape.
Make me work,
Make me sweat,
Make me see,
You’ll never forget…


The Collective Dream

A good reminder of the power of our thoughts!

Source of Inspiration


There is a creative
Force in the collective
desires of mankind. Our
thoughts, like radio waves,
go out to merge with the
like energy of others. This
Force of intention attracts
what is needed to materialize.
To reverse a negative situation,
we must change what is creating it–
the source of its power.

Our thoughts are so much more
powerful than we realize. We
must discipline our minds to
stay focused on what we wish to
create. When we dull our minds
with anger, idle chatter, selfish
desires, over-indulgence, we
dilute this Force of creation
and live watered-down lives
of despair.

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I was nominated for these awards by:

The Migraine Chronicles

I have to say, this came as a very pleasant surprise for me, I really admire her writing.

Well, here goes…

“Very Inspiring Blogger Award”


The Rules – Display the award, tell seven things about yourself, and pass along.  Hmmm…

Seven Things about Me-

I was born an only child, and sometimes feel that it is my natural state to be alone.

I have trouble regulating the volume of my voice, sometimes I’m too loud, other times, too quiet.

I have a crude and offensive sense of humor.

I love deeply and truly, and I don’t let go of said love.  Ever.

I’m an animal person.  At big parties, I’m the one you will find talking to the cat/dog.

I’m a small town woman.  I don’t mind visiting cities, but I’m always happy to be home.

Purple is my color.


“The Lighthouse Award”


Rules for this Award – Display the Award, share three ways you like to help other people, nominate other bloggers (there is no limit) and inform your nominees of their Award nominations.

Three ways I like to help other people –

I try to be a listener.  Everyone needs to be listened to, at one point or another…

I make a point to send a positive message or some form of support to someone every day.

Love.  I’m a lover.  If I keep you in my life, that means I love you.  We all need to be loved!



The rules for the Awesome Blossom Award are – Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them. Put the award’s logo on your blog. Nominate 10 Bloggers and tell them by leaving a comment on their blog.


I Nominate These Bloggers:

Poetry by H.M. Clark

Ikenna Okoro



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Shawn L. Bird



Thanks again, to:

The Migraine Chronicles

Go check her stuff out, she’s inspiring, honest, and wonderful.