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Sempiternal- A collaboration


We stand on the cliff and watch

A path set before us to operate

All eyes on us with confidence

Our skill is strong, tempestuous

Thunderheads rampage above us

The storm threatening to ravage

As we temper in the flame, intensify

We are survivors, warriors from within

Lost in the wind, only one way out

Fastened on the perennial breath

Demons dance on the borderline

No distractions, forward thrust

Time slows, as we flow in deadly grace

Dancing without fear through darkness

Keeping the shining horizon in view

As our spirit wolves lunge in attack

From opposite ends of the spectrum

We fly through the outer resistance

Never deviating from the target

We meet on the equinox in the spiral up

We streak brighter, further- burning souls

Passionately determined to meet our goals

Refined in intuition, glowing and light

As we brightly blur, away from the night

This is a collaboration with the lovely Lisa Ojanpera, from Underground Energy.Ā  I really enjoyed writing with her. This is my first collaboration. šŸ™‚


Falling Violently Short

My spirit feels your caress
Our love, still so resilient
My heart cries out in duress
It’s difficult to feel content
I want so much to express
My words fall short, I’m silent
What my mouth cannot confess
I’ve never felt this violent.


We are Real

I’m coming alive, shaking free
These sorrows that keep breaking me.
I feel your pull, stronger than before
Your heart and mind, I still adore.
I’m tired of feeling sick and hungry,
My eyes are opening, my heart can see
Your heart and soul, still within me.
Do you feel my heart, touching your soul?
Does it make you feel loved, content and whole?
I hope that you know I’m real,
That we still need each other,
Love to feel,
Hearts to heal…



I’m keeping it together,
I’m falling apart.
I’m surviving the weather,
I’m back at the start.
Life drives us this way-
Past cycles of doubt…
Let go of the dismay,
It’s the only way out.


How Dare You?

How dare you,
Make me your scapegoat,
Blame my anxiety
For your lack of memory?
How dare you,
Make me feel inadequate
Because I struggle,
Take your frustration
Out on me,
Because you’re angry?
I feel alone
When you are no comfort,
Like I have no support.
I fall silent
In your disapproval,
When my soul is screaming,
My heart is weeping,
But, I seem stoic…


Yes. Nailed it! šŸ˜‰

Eternal Gifts

The pull feels stronger than ever…

Through the Fog poetry

In the deep caverns of my soulā€¦
There is this longing,
A desire for an all-consuming flame,
A need for youā€¦

In the beginningā€¦
We were created,
Beautiful gifts for each other,
Though doomed from the start,
Our shining and shadowy souls intertwinedā€¦
For even the brightest light produces the darkest shadowā€¦
The light cannot be without the darkness,
As I cannot abide without youā€¦

In the endā€¦
We will be united,
Though a way has escaped us now,
Light and darkness will combineā€¦
The contrast between us will perish,
We will be as oneā€¦
The balance will be absolute,
And we will once again be unbrokenā€¦

So come to me once againā€¦
I will warm your frozen soulā€¦
We will rekindle the flames that burn so brightly,
No longer will they be smothered in doubt,
One day we will be freeā€¦

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