Dreams & Delusions…

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Hearts full of butterflies,
Bright stars in our eyes,
We raise our hands into pearly skies…

Never lose hope in this love, dear.
In our hearts, we keep each other near,
Never fading, or giving in to this fear…
We are both growing, year after year…

Feeling the resonating pull of light,
Understanding something, just out of sight.
You touch my heart, and my mind takes flight…

Hearts full of butterflies,
Bright stars in our eyes,
We raise our hands into pearly skies…



Too much action
Wears imagination thin,
But, too much dreaming
Leaves longing within…

Struggling to love this
Shuffling dance of fate,
Feeling the pull of abyss…
My heart screams, “I’m Too Late!”

“Give into my illusion”
Familiar whispers sigh,
“You are only delusion”
My spirit hates this lie.

Clawing my way out
Of this self-created mess,
Burning away the doubt,
Despite my own distress.

I will not be chained here,
I am strong and able.
I smash through the mirror,
And cut through this cable…

Tear away the negative shit,
Keep the promise I made,
Prove that I am done with it.
Let the darkness fade…


Why does becoming whole
Always feel like falling apart?
Caught in between
This struggle,
Between my mind,
And my heart…

Logic or Love?
That is the question…
I’m getting the feeling…
I’ll never find the answer.

Impossible to Forget You…

I try to relax,
Focus on love…
Open mind,
Relaxed heart,
Try to let go…

I am aware, you care.
You are a constant path in my brain…
I feel you there,
Like the greatest hope, after the worst pain…
Like a rainbow, after a hurricane…

Impossible to forget,
Bittersweet awareness.
My heart won’t let go of this horrible fondness…


Today I can’t help but feel a little down,
These emotions taunting me to drown…
Reaching for positivity.
Needing some creativity.
Feeling moments slipping like sand,
Soft, yet so damaging to my hand.

Even as I close my fingers,
I Dare to ask.
Where has hope gone?

Tomorrow may be a little better.
I’ll write myself a dismissive letter,
A document I’ll never send,
Because this has to have an end…

Why am I feeling this way?
Breaking down, to my dismay…
I’m trying hard to understand
Why my heart is in your hand.

I can’t find a decent answer,
No cure for this mental cancer.
Feeling more than a little lost,
My soul can’t stand to pay the cost.

Even as I choke out the words,
I dare to ask,
Where have I gone?

What have I done?

Lighter Version (Just a Tool)

You see me as the hand that writes,
Guides and creates,
That makes dreams into ideas…
You see me as the hand that loves,
Comforts and heals,
That makes desires into reality…

It seems that’s what you want to see,
Some lighter version of me…

I see me as the brush in your hand,
That dapples and strokes,
That paints the trees by the water,
Or maybe the stars on a velvet sky…

You will use me, however, you see…
Like a catalyst of your empathy,
Like a serenade of your sympathy,
Why can’t I just freely be me?

A Serene Sea (In Dreaming Eyes)

Where is the serenity others see in my eyes…
The current that makes the moon rise,
The ocean gently rolling in natural rhythm…
The sea, shining like glass, calm within?

When I try to find this place in my mind,
This state of being is so unkind…
I see only storms & waves,
Power that violence craves…
They seem so massive in me,
How are they contained by the sea?

This massive ocean rumbles,
As my emotions tumble,
My soul cries out in need,
A dire storm, indeed…
Shining from the horizon, there is a gleam,
I swim madly, and awake from another dream…