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Whispers of Intimacy

I hear whispers of spirit-
Calling on the Spring wind,
Howling my name…
Caressing my ears teasingly,
Trailing tingling fingers on my throat,
Swirling through tendrils
Of my long hair,
Wrapping warmth around
My shivering soul…

Sending my love in pure energy,
Feeling the harmony of our synergy…
You’re so far, but so close to me,
Still… My most intimate fantasy.



Mirage Daydreams


I catch glimpses Of Daydreams,
Shimmering at the end
Into heat haze…
Stay a moment longer,
So I can study your face“,
My heart says silently…
Don’t go…
…And another Daydream
Shimmers past the glimmering horizon,
Dreaming of you, all over again…


Image source: Unknown.


Crowded in Busy Lists

I have so much to do-
All these lists
Keep filling my mind,
I’m not sure-
How do you find
A space
In this crowded brain?
I love you-
And it haunts me
All the same…


Wrapping Me in Bliss

Whispers of you,
Your words-
Wrapping me whole…

Covering me,
My heart-
Pleasing my soul…


Wretched Lie

I don’t really know
How you feel,
And I keep telling myself
That is okay…
That I love you,
And it is enough,
That I still need to live
Like I can without you…
But, it feels like a lie.
Not a little one, either-
Not like the kind you
Tell someone you
Don’t want to hurt…
No, this is
The kind that hurts,
The kind that feels wrong
And wretched,
That leaves a nasty taste
On the back of my tongue…
But, I can’t seem to find the words,
Afraid it’s too late to ask,
And not knowing how…