Dreams & Delusions…

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It’s funny.

You can love your life

And all the people in it,

And still feel hurt and sad.

I am grateful for all

I have, all I’ve felt,

And all there is to come.

Every experience

Is an opportunity

To learn, to heal,

To love, to feel…




I love myself,

And I don’t feel


I start to feel

Like I can function,

Like I have healed…

Then my subconscious

Sabotages me.

I dream all sorts

Of strange and mesmerizing


And they are all about you…

When I wake,

I am devastated.

I do not sob and whimper

Like I used to,

But my heart aches,

My head hurts,

My body throbs…

Like the day you told me

You did not love me,

That I was a stranger,

When I thought…

I thought you,

You were the only one who saw


I love myself,

And I don’t feel


I miss you

And the delusion

That you loved me.