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Fuck Logic

You bring me:
A feral joy,
A determinate hunger,
A terrific tension,
A passionate purpose…
An irrational inspiration
That I can’t ignore.
No matter the struggle,
You are the one-
I long for,
Fight for,




Tell Me

This. ❤



Tell me
even if it hurts.
Tell me
even if you think
the world might crumble
because you said it out loud.
Tell me
because chances are few
and true loves even fewer.
Tell me
because it matters,
because it’s true.
Tell me
even though you’re afraid
because fear is only an obstacle,
a barrier to truth.
Tell me
because I deserve to hear
and you deserve to speak.
Tell me
even if it’s
because it is
and that’s okay.
Tell me
because you can’t keep it in,
because it’s the only thing
you’ve ever wanted to say.
Tell me
because I have always told you.



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Am I?

The sweet smile
That melts to sardonic smirk,
The light laughter
That heals the hurt…
The warm arms
That slip past,
The slow feeling
Speeding fast…
The deep, resonating breath
Where there was no air,
The smiling light of death
Tangled in your hair…



You said I wasn’t worth it…
He told me to stop talking about it.
I can’t stop thinking about it.
They say you’re not worth it.
I don’t believe it.
Do they say I’m not worth it?
Do you believe it?
It hurts.
This it…



Excellent work!  I had to share.

Source: Essence


Every time
I start to feel blessed,
A part of me
Is battening down,
Waiting for the disaster
To come and shatter
What’s left of my hope…
What would it be like,
To enjoy it without dismay?
Would I breathe, finally-
With a throat free
Of this rope?


Mystery (Let it Be)

Beautiful mystery-

Wondrous emotion
Divulges deep dreams
In silent screams

Mysterious beauty-

We converge
My heart purrs
Wordless whispers