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No Sense

Some days
The silence is unbearable,
Grating my teeth in frustration
Over what I can’t say.
Still others
The silence is pleasant,
Hearing nothing, but feeling so deeply
What neither of us ever say.
I don’t know what keeps the balance,
Why I still feel your gravity,
Or why my memory still seizes me
In your grasp.
It makes no sense…
But what in this life truly does?
Only the boring stuff.



Is It Possible

Oh… It is possible… 😉

Missing Piece

168379de4dd5567e12702e9aa408605aI think maybe
I’m a jigsaw puzzle
With a missing piece…
I think maybe
I left it with you
Or, maybe you stole it…
I think maybe
I’ll never find another
That will fit, that’s why…
I don’t try.


I was nominated for the “three quotes in three days challenge” by Patience over at Love Letters to a Ghost, which is a huge honor, since I am amazed by her work!  Go check her stuff out, you won’t be disappointed.  🙂