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Observations- Dreams Versus Sleep

Used to be magical-
Full of fantasy
Stars and galaxies
Cerulean seas…

Is only a blank slate-
Black emptiness
Void nothingness
Lonely Ibis…


Just a Box

It was  a long time ago,
When you found
That weathered black box
Sinking in the sand.
You almost stepped on it,
Your toes brushed against
Cool metal,
Pitted, worn, and strange.
It was twisted and still somehow whole.
It looked battered,
It had been beaten
By the waves, sand, and wind.
You took it home,
Placed it on the shelf,
And stared at it…
“What is it?”

You eventually forgot.
Your beach treasure sat on the shelf.
You lived your life.
You struggled, fought, and bled.
You cried alone.
You were alone.
You longed for comfort, for love…

One night, something woke you.
There was a bright, strange light in your room.
It was blinding.
The boxes edges burst,
And as the light flooded the room,
It died.

The box was gone,
But, you were not alone.
You were in the dark,
But, you had seen the brightest light.
One hopeless night…
This love came to mold you,
My heart came to hold you…

…But, what do I know?
I’m just a box.



Symphony of Programming and Paint (in Monochrome)

I don’t want to rewind
Just want to pause
To hang on a moment
To have the same thought as you
To feel the chills again
The tickle of someone else in my mind
But I’m a blind user
In my heart
I can’t find the control panel
I’ve never seen that menu
My own programming is foreign
These infinite loops confuse me
I can’t decipher
These black and white
zeroes and ones
My emotions are grey
Logic is cold
And I’m longing for warmth
Grasping for a memory
That might as well be smoke
When we changed
Combined, blended, blurred
When we intertwined
Black and White
Swirled to Grey
Our values changed
I don’t want to rewind
Just want to pause
To hang on a moment


Rain Dance

Purify this dirty soul,
Pour in, saturate,
Until my heart feels whole…
If it’s not too late,
Wash away negative thoughts,
Flood this spirit with light!
Torrent I once fought,
Come make this drought right…