Dreams & Delusions…



I was nominated for these awards by:

The Migraine Chronicles

I have to say, this came as a very pleasant surprise for me, I really admire her writing.

Well, here goes…

“Very Inspiring Blogger Award”


The Rules – Display the award, tell seven things about yourself, and pass along.  Hmmm…

Seven Things about Me-

I was born an only child, and sometimes feel that it is my natural state to be alone.

I have trouble regulating the volume of my voice, sometimes I’m too loud, other times, too quiet.

I have a crude and offensive sense of humor.

I love deeply and truly, and I don’t let go of said love.  Ever.

I’m an animal person.  At big parties, I’m the one you will find talking to the cat/dog.

I’m a small town woman.  I don’t mind visiting cities, but I’m always happy to be home.

Purple is my color.


“The Lighthouse Award”


Rules for this Award – Display the Award, share three ways you like to help other people, nominate other bloggers (there is no limit) and inform your nominees of their Award nominations.

Three ways I like to help other people –

I try to be a listener.  Everyone needs to be listened to, at one point or another…

I make a point to send a positive message or some form of support to someone every day.

Love.  I’m a lover.  If I keep you in my life, that means I love you.  We all need to be loved!



The rules for the Awesome Blossom Award are – Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them. Put the award’s logo on your blog. Nominate 10 Bloggers and tell them by leaving a comment on their blog.


I Nominate These Bloggers:

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Ikenna Okoro



Easily Ignored


Bathing In Sunlight

Vapor Kisses


Shawn L. Bird



Thanks again, to:

The Migraine Chronicles

Go check her stuff out, she’s inspiring, honest, and wonderful.