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Celestial Love

New galaxies
Are forming
In my universe,
Celestial clouds of wonder-    
…And in my awe,
I’m inspired to action, 
To live, to love
The beauty within,
Let me stay hidden
In your beautiful heart
Until you see,           
Until I sink in…
Until we are whole,
One heart-
One soul.


Rainy Day (with You) *Adult*

Draw me into this wicked trance
Let me show you my rain dance
Come here, show me those plans
Warm my body with your fervent hands
Snuggle up to me in warm covers
Remind me that we will always be lovers
Whisper your love in my ear
Until I can’t remember the fear
Kiss me like we do in our dreams
Show me this is more than it seems
Stroke your fingers through my hair
Touch my soul with your heated stare
Pull me close, heat growing intense
Let the anticipation heighten all sense
My fingers swirling and stroking your skin
My only desire, to completely let you in
Your hand slides between my thighs
As I stroke you, I sigh, “*****, you’re my favorite high…”
Teasing, moving together, we start to groan
The rhythm of your fingers makes me moan
You whisper my name, then growl in need
We long to satiate the hunger, to finally feed
I can’t take it anymore, I need you deep inside
You pull me on to you, I gasp and moan in a slow ride
We don’t need to hurry, baby, please take your time
Give us something to remember, perfect and sublime
Won’t stop until we’re both satisfied and ready for sleep
An eternal, treasured memory for only us to keep


Just a rainy day fantasy…  We all have those, right?  😉