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My heart still reaches
For you- in the dark…
Mind remembers,
The burn- after the spark…

Emptiness does not
Speak to me,
Your substance
Must become
My sustenance.

Want is nothing,
Without the love.
I see you wanting,
But it’s not enough…



I want to hold you
The way I do in my heart.
I want to disassemble the distance
That keeps tearing us apart.
I want to show you
The depth of my love for you,
I don’t know how, or where to start.

Stormy Dreams

Trees dancing violently in twilight,
Moving lace patterns
On my walls,
Shadows playing with light…
In my dreams,
We curl around and into each other,
Tangled and breathless…
Grips grasping, souls sliding,
Fingers finding, tounges tasting…
Sensuous dancing
To the syncopated rhythm,
Matching our intensity to
The deep bassline rattling the windows…
Wind and rain punctuated
With passionate whispers and screams…



Midnight Storm

Laying in the dark,
Listening to the storm ravage,
Feral howls and deep booms,
Livid rain pelting the glass…
I want to be wrapped in you-
Devoured by your dark storm,
Soaked in your slick rain,
Washed away in your want…
Willing you to feel every curve,
To caress every crevice of my soul
Whispering your name, over and over…