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The Silence

I miss⁣
The silence⁣
Between our⁣
Nervous words,⁣
The safety⁣
In the rhythm⁣
Of your breath,⁣
The longing to⁣
Reach out,⁣
Reach you…⁣
Before the⁣
Uncertainty ⁣
The moment,⁣
When the connection⁣
Was almost enough…⁣
I miss⁣
The silence…⁣


I never wanted to leave.

It’s been hard to believe…
I had no solace or reprieve,
I never wanted to leave.

I didn’t want you to go.
In some way, you know…
The pain forced us to grow,
I didn’t want you to go.

I still feel you near.
Even through all the fear…
My love for you in every tear,
I still feel you near.

Where should we run?
Still longing to be one…
Hand in hand, toward the sun,
Where should we run?



Mystery (Let it Be)

Beautiful mystery-

Wondrous emotion
Divulges deep dreams
In silent screams

Mysterious beauty-

We converge
My heart purrs
Wordless whispers



I’m Here

You keep saying you’re alone,
Even while I huddle to your side…
The want of you creates a low moan,
Pulled by your tide, from the inside…
I don’t know how to show you-
You are not beneath me,
I’m here beside you.
My soul cries-
Love, open your eyes.




There is a place,
A time,
Where I feel
Mind meld
With heart,
Body vibrates, frequency of soul,
Unbroken, unspoiled, whole…
To feel this, and nothing else…
The ultimate goal!


This could also be titled, “Why I Hike”, but I think that’s a bit less interesting. 😉  Photo taken by me, on my last hiking trip to the Trinity Alps in Northern California.

Skin Distance

Being next to you
Would never do…
You see,
Skin would separate
You from me,
Leave us apart
From who WE are…
Impossibly far.
Just enough room
For doubt,
In or out,
With or without


Celestial Love

New galaxies
Are forming
In my universe,
Celestial clouds of wonder-    
…And in my awe,
I’m inspired to action, 
To live, to love
The beauty within,
Let me stay hidden
In your beautiful heart
Until you see,           
Until I sink in…
Until we are whole,
One heart-
One soul.