Dreams & Delusions…

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Always reaching,
Never touching
Always longing,
Never holding
Bittersweet illusion,
The lie that feeds
My delusion…
Our (dis)taste for truth
Leaves me in confusion.



We keep circling,
Like Vultures,
We never swoop too near,
Like intimacy is our greatest fear… 
What would happen
If we touched?                                   
If our feathers softly brushed,
Like the softness of a lover’s touch…   
If our talons intertwined,
Like hands locked with passion…
If our scales collided,
Like energetic bodies or stars…
Would we be satisfied?
I think I would find another way
To explore you, past what you say…
I wonder how deep you would dive
To practice the love, to keep us alive…
I need your heart impossibly near,
Our bond can eradicate the fear…   
If we let ourselves love and feel,
I know we can find a way to heal,
But, we need to believe WE are real…




I keep trying
To live in the present,
To be satisfied
With what I hold-

I’m still dying
To be more than content,
To feel gratified,
To not feel cold-

But the simple truth is…
I can’t tell my heart no,
…And since I know this,
I can’t let go…

Why would I want to?
My most beautiful dreams
Have always been of you…