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Sometimes my heart screams,

Sometimes my mind runs,
Sometimes my soul yearns,
When you are the subject,
I become focused
All the swirling maelstroms
Take shape,
In endless
Figure eights.



Light is not the answer.
Dark is not the cancer.
“It is I that I fight.”
Day or Night
Does not define
Wrong or Right…
Forever on the line.
Good is dark,
Evil is light
Gaze is sharp
Smile is slight…





Blue Fire
Bright Pyre
Bound Wire
Black Desire

Inky imagination
Divulging dreams
In the dark…

Dangerous fascination,
Held in sensual tension.


Labyrinthine Solace

Walking a labyrinth of trees,
The ancient giants whisper to me:
“We are broken, we are whole…
We know the secrets of your soul…”
Those who throw me over the edge,
Don’t realize, I need no ledge
To cling to…
I found comfort in the healing sound-
Dark whispers of the stones,
Humming in the ground…
There is a darkness in earth, too-
Strength and power that renews…
A deep solace that rings true,
As my heart calls for you…



It seems when I come together,
The world around me falls apart…

Why can’t I be whole
Without breaking my heart?

Why does the Universe test me
Just when I become steady?

Why must the intensity of the moment
Force me to remain dormant?

Why does anger still consume me
To the point of insanity?

Why are some people amused
With how innocents are abused?

Why does the shroud confuse me
When I finally gain clarity?

When I scream inwardly for silence,
Why am I always met with violence?



   1201652-bigthumbnail I’m not like
The ones who chained me
And I’m not tame,
But can you blame me?

chained angel-blue and purple
These bonds have chafed me,
My arms are weakened and bruised,
But I won’t let my soul be used.

I feel my strength coming back to me,
In love and wisdom, flowing free…

My sword still bright,
Glinting in starlight-
I find my mark,
Dancing, Slicing, Stabbing
Through the dark…




Spiritual spark-
To start the ignition
Perpetual dark-
To steel this condition
I feel the energy-
Flowing in my blood
I sense the synergy-
Rushing with the flood
Yearning to shout-
Searching around
Burning the doubt-
Scorching the ground
You still light the fire within-
I still fight, still won’t give in…


Mirror of Equinox

I’m tired of rest,
I’m ready to give my best-
My pain is not me.
No more struggling for breath
Or contemplating death-
My illness is not me.
I condemn the mirror,
Won’t give into the horror-
My body is not me.
I won’t allow myself to sink,
No drowning in ink-
My mind is not me.
I’m opening to light,
Where love finds sight-
My heart is me.
Taking the opportunity,
Open to possibility-
My soul is me.
Holding you dear,
Love keeps you near-
My love is me.
When we break away from fear,
We come together here-
You are me.



When I am silent,
You are deafening.
I hear more than echoes
Of you in my ancient soul…
Echoes could never be so powerful.

When I delve within to draw from strength,
I see the places I let you kiss and finger…
The silken bonds we never could sever…
Chills down my spine, into my legs make me shiver.
Words do not do justice to this emotional river…

You remind me, I’m not fighting alone.
The thought of you makes me smile
From the inside, and to me, that is home.