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Washing the Light Away

I love mornings
When the clouds are fiery patches
In the crisp blue of early sunrise,
When thin filaments of silver
Are caught on branches in the glow of low sun, shimmering like tinsel-
When wind bellows through the redwoods and maples,
Swirling red needles and golden leaves,
Autumn’s rustling shower,
When the fat drops hit the windows,
Washing the light away from the season…


Redwood Waves

The wave was the biggest


I had ever heard of-

I avoid the shore


Walking through the trees-

Filling my lungs with petrichor…


Tiny Refugees

Brown flurry,
Shooting past the window…
Bodies diving,
Wings streamlined,
Catching a break from the wind.
Flock of refugees,
I wish you well…
Shelter, soon.


Stormy Dreams

Trees dancing violently in twilight,
Moving lace patterns
On my walls,
Shadows playing with light…
In my dreams,
We curl around and into each other,
Tangled and breathless…
Grips grasping, souls sliding,
Fingers finding, tounges tasting…
Sensuous dancing
To the syncopated rhythm,
Matching our intensity to
The deep bassline rattling the windows…
Wind and rain punctuated
With passionate whispers and screams…


Our Storm

A celestial rage,
A mystical fury,
A violent inspiration,
Shot straight through me-
A roaring whisper,
A screaming sigh,
A scorching breath,
Stopped wondering why-
A scathing passion,
A heartfelt lashing,
A sincere longing,
Our needs and wants always clashing…


Willing the Flood…

I watch the fluctuation
Of the clouds…
The way the sun barely breaks
Before succumbing to the violence,
The darkness of the storm…
The wind keeps pushing
More slate grey walls
To blanket the sky with dark,
Slick the ground with warm wet drops.


I fucking love the rain.  ❤


The storm is gathering.

The wind whirls my hair
Into a wild dark tangle,
And I watch a leaf
Dance and swirl…

I can empathize
with that leaf,
Dancing and falling,
Swooping and stumbling,
From the force of something
Something more powerful…

I can empathize with the wind,
Screaming and howling,
Pushing and overturning,
Having the charisma and sheer strength
To change the path
Of all in it’s course,
For better or for worse…

The storm is gathering.