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Violet Waves


Open to the wonder
Floating smoothly on violet waves
Swim through not under
Letting my soul seek what it craves
Flowing where love grows
I seek the paths open to me
In fluid energy grace flows
Making my dreams come to be


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I never felt spiritual
In the pews,
Only bewildered
And confused,
I don’t believe in a God
Who hates,
Bashes, filters, or berates.

I worship the Love and Peace
That makes the pain of life cease…
My prayers are heard
Deep in Earth,
This knowledge-
My sacrament since birth.

The light through the trees,
Humming in vibration,
Like swarms of bees…
I complete my withdrawal
From Man’s church,
Into my Redwood Cathedral.



Stop judging the journey-
To appreciate the assurance
Of a euphoric epiphany-
Our vibrant voices
In chaotic chorus-
A spiritual symphony…


Soul Sex

Cold caress-
Chilling my arms

Shivers slithering-
Down my spine

Warmth wrapping-
Around my core

Torturous tingles-
Between my hips

Spirals slipping-
Circling my toes

Gliding grasps-
Gripping my thighs

Salacious slaps-
Striking my ass

Sliding strokes-
Under my soul


I’m Here

You keep saying you’re alone,
Even while I huddle to your side…
The want of you creates a low moan,
Pulled by your tide, from the inside…
I don’t know how to show you-
You are not beneath me,
I’m here beside you.
My soul cries-
Love, open your eyes.


On Love/Passion

It’s only real if it frightens you…

Natural Energy Convergence

Natural Energy Convergence- by Antanya




There is a place,
A time,
Where I feel
Mind meld
With heart,
Body vibrates, frequency of soul,
Unbroken, unspoiled, whole…
To feel this, and nothing else…
The ultimate goal!


This could also be titled, “Why I Hike”, but I think that’s a bit less interesting. 😉  Photo taken by me, on my last hiking trip to the Trinity Alps in Northern California.