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We have been
Singed with frost,
Soaked in rain,
Shredded by wind,
Yet we still remain.
Standing tall,
Tending the roots,
Pruning back the
Dead wood,
Culling and cultivating,
Until Spring reminds us
To Bloom.



The weight of your gravity

Feels immense and ancient,

Like we have danced for ages,

As the stars in the constellations

Swirled and orbited

In the same timeless patterns.

My heart is forever bound

To this ancestral longing,
A glimpse of you stirs my spirit

Into mysterious discovery-

The wonder is the muse.


Philosophical Bullshit

Arrogance is Ignorance,
And we are all Narscissisists,
Once our Persistence
Trumps our Innocence.
It’s a beautiful Existence,
Balanced by Resistance.
Love breathes Insistence,
Closeness, in the Distance…