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Tell me.
Tell me how.
Tell me how to be with you.
Show me.
Show me now.
Show me now that you want me.
I do.
I do see.
I do see you reaching out for me.
I will.
I will love.
I will love you the way we both need.
First, I need you to-
Tell me.
Show me.


Stormy Dreams

Trees dancing violently in twilight,
Moving lace patterns
On my walls,
Shadows playing with light…
In my dreams,
We curl around and into each other,
Tangled and breathless…
Grips grasping, souls sliding,
Fingers finding, tounges tasting…
Sensuous dancing
To the syncopated rhythm,
Matching our intensity to
The deep bassline rattling the windows…
Wind and rain punctuated
With passionate whispers and screams…