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I never felt spiritual
In the pews,
Only bewildered
And confused,
I don’t believe in a God
Who hates,
Bashes, filters, or berates.

I worship the Love and Peace
That makes the pain of life cease…
My prayers are heard
Deep in Earth,
This knowledge-
My sacrament since birth.

The light through the trees,
Humming in vibration,
Like swarms of bees…
I complete my withdrawal
From Man’s church,
Into my Redwood Cathedral.



Intimately Close

When I am away
From the world,
I feel closer to you…
My dreams filled
With intimate touches,
Passionate kisses,
I fall into the beauty of us,
In the intensity of you…
As I wake to birdsong and sun,
I still feel the trace of your lips,
Still feel you holding me…
It makes me want to stay forever,
To dream of you, always…