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Suffocated, Stifled, Silent

I feel suffocated by my own mind.
I want to tell you how I’m feeling,
But, I’m lost in confusion…
I don’t know
Which thoughts to express,
And which I need to discard.
So, I feel choked out, I stay silent.
I tell myself I don’t need to tell you,
But, the need for you becomes more violent.
I don’t want to cause you any more pain,
So, maybe it’s better if I stay quiet.
Even when it kills me,
Maybe, especially then…


Three Words (Over and Over)

I long to open my heart past the restraints of my mind…
Where I can show you my love for you, fierce, loyal, and kind…
I keep over thinking every word, wishing I could hear you…
I won’t get over this, or I would have by now, what can I do?
My voice keeps repeating:
I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!!