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Anxiety became bearable

The moment I understood

What it was,

And where it came from.

I have always had an awkward

Sense of loneliness,

Even while around those

I love,

Who love me genuinely…

I’m not sure

If the loneliness is from being Misunderstood,

Or if I just don’t fit

With other humans…

And maybe it’s why

I have such a hard time

With letting go…

You met me in this space,

Gave my loneliness

A beautiful name,

Made a safe place

To lay out our mess,

Softened through the rain…



It’s funny.

You can love your life

And all the people in it,

And still feel hurt and sad.

I am grateful for all

I have, all I’ve felt,

And all there is to come.

Every experience

Is an opportunity

To learn, to heal,

To love, to feel…



When I panicked

Deviated from my path

So close to disaster

I only thought of you

And staying alive…



Stop judging the journey-
To appreciate the assurance
Of a euphoric epiphany-
Our vibrant voices
In chaotic chorus-
A spiritual symphony…


Philosophical Bullshit

Arrogance is Ignorance,
And we are all Narscissisists,
Once our Persistence
Trumps our Innocence.
It’s a beautiful Existence,
Balanced by Resistance.
Love breathes Insistence,
Closeness, in the Distance…



Some days
I feel as though the Universe
Is playing a fucked up game,
Using me as a pawn…
I wake up with motivation,
Ready to take on the day,
But everything I do unravels
Until I cry in frustration
And literally cannot function.
I know there is more,
Is it worth reaching for?
I hope so,
I keep trying…
Even when life tells me, “no”.