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The weight of your gravity

Feels immense and ancient,

Like we have danced for ages,

As the stars in the constellations

Swirled and orbited

In the same timeless patterns.

My heart is forever bound

To this ancestral longing,
A glimpse of you stirs my spirit

Into mysterious discovery-

The wonder is the muse.



None of my Business

It’s none of my business,
But that is hard to remember,
When all I want to know is this,
Your love, warm and tender…

It’s none of my business,
What you think of me,
But, my heart is a mess
Of all I want, of all we could be…

It’s none of my business,
Unless it’s you, reaching too…
Burning the pain, destroying distress-
Hoping at the end, for you.


Seers and Doers


To be a seer
Is a burden,
In a world of doers…

They turn from
My knowing smile
With awkward, averted eyes
And nervous, fretful laughs…

Why is it so strange
To recognize souls,
To see universes in eyes?
Why does it make you uncomfortable
That I hear more than you say,
And see more than you do?
Are you worried you won’t be good enough
When you can’t hide behind what you say is true?
Don’t you want someone to know the real you?
I know, I do…


Charles Swinburne Seer Quote

Always Hidden

There is a part of me
That always hides,
Feels your pull,
No matter how far,
Reaches invisibly…
The wrong people
Are always looking at me,
I only want you to see me…