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I read somewhere,⠀
“Grief is love with nowhere to go”.⠀
Today I am full of a love⠀
Not for myself,⠀
That does not include direction,⠀
Only memories…⠀
And I cannot help but think⠀
I am grief.⠀




When you
Find you,
Let me know, where…
When I
Am I,
I’ll find you, there.


Am I?

The sweet smile
That melts to sardonic smirk,
The light laughter
That heals the hurt…
The warm arms
That slip past,
The slow feeling
Speeding fast…
The deep, resonating breath
Where there was no air,
The smiling light of death
Tangled in your hair…


Labyrinthine Solace

Walking a labyrinth of trees,
The ancient giants whisper to me:
“We are broken, we are whole…
We know the secrets of your soul…”
Those who throw me over the edge,
Don’t realize, I need no ledge
To cling to…
I found comfort in the healing sound-
Dark whispers of the stones,
Humming in the ground…
There is a darkness in earth, too-
Strength and power that renews…
A deep solace that rings true,
As my heart calls for you…


Seers and Doers


To be a seer
Is a burden,
In a world of doers…

They turn from
My knowing smile
With awkward, averted eyes
And nervous, fretful laughs…

Why is it so strange
To recognize souls,
To see universes in eyes?
Why does it make you uncomfortable
That I hear more than you say,
And see more than you do?
Are you worried you won’t be good enough
When you can’t hide behind what you say is true?
Don’t you want someone to know the real you?
I know, I do…


Charles Swinburne Seer Quote

You Want to Know?

I still remember
When I first realized
I had let you in…
It scared me
How quickly you broke in.
I fell in love with your determination,
And I hoped that would stay,
That you would be the one
To see me,
The real me,
not the me everyone knows…
The parts of me that scream,
That struggle for freedom,
Even as I clamp them back shut…
But, you lost interest,
and I’m still lost.
Some people say they want in,
But, aren’t willing to pay the cost.
Let me see you,
If you want to know the truth.
I’ll show you mine,
After you cross that line.
Anything else,
Is wasting our time…


Mirror of Equinox

I’m tired of rest,
I’m ready to give my best-
My pain is not me.
No more struggling for breath
Or contemplating death-
My illness is not me.
I condemn the mirror,
Won’t give into the horror-
My body is not me.
I won’t allow myself to sink,
No drowning in ink-
My mind is not me.
I’m opening to light,
Where love finds sight-
My heart is me.
Taking the opportunity,
Open to possibility-
My soul is me.
Holding you dear,
Love keeps you near-
My love is me.
When we break away from fear,
We come together here-
You are me.