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Tell Me-

​Could I be- more than a memory,

While I’m still alive?
More than a blur- in your periphery,
Live for more, than just to survive?
‘Cause I have this urge to howl
Every night at the moon,
Long to soothe away your scowl,
If not now, then- Soon.
I’m trying to speak- To find my voice,
To sing again, pure and true,
Our tale of circumstance and choice,
To remind you- I. Love.You.




I want to slumber
All day, into the night…
Dream of waking in your arms,
Basking in your morning light…


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To Keep

My pulse is rapid,
Though my breath is deep.
I dream of you still,
Though rarely in sleep.
Time alone
Helps me cope,
Where I can dream deep.
I need you,
I want you,
This time to keep.




My body hurts
So intensely
That any stress
Makes me feel like
I’m being pulled apart…
Please forgive
My inability
To express
How I feel
In my heart…
The longing
Is still there,
Even when
The words are not.
I may be quiet,
But you’re still
On my mind,
In my heart…   
I never forgot.