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Worth Their Weight

I remember

The raw pain

And the emptiness

That stretched along

The years…

I used to wish

I had never known you,

Though now

I am grateful

You found a way,

To show me

I’m not alone…

Gave me a love

To curl into

When everything else

Falls away.

I would rather have this

Passion and longing,

Darkness and light


Than the absence,

The vacuous abyss…

The substance to crave

In the emptiness of

This fucked up world,

Companionship and love

Are worth

Their weight in pain.

Thankful for Longing

I am grateful for love,
The connection I can’t let go of.
I am thankful for belonging,          (with you)
The reason my heart keeps longing.          (for you)
I have gratitude for you,
Even if you don’t believe me, it’s true.
Even if I can’t be with you,
I still want to.