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You will always⁣
Find me⁣
Where the light⁣
Fades, melds⁣
Into dark…⁣
Autumnal soul-⁣
Forever diving⁣
Into the galaxies⁣
In my mind,⁣
In your heart…⁣
Watercolor emotion,⁣
Bleeding into black.

Tell Me-

​Could I be- more than a memory,

While I’m still alive?
More than a blur- in your periphery,
Live for more, than just to survive?
‘Cause I have this urge to howl
Every night at the moon,
Long to soothe away your scowl,
If not now, then- Soon.
I’m trying to speak- To find my voice,
To sing again, pure and true,
Our tale of circumstance and choice,
To remind you- I. Love.You.


Wrapping Me in Bliss

Whispers of you,
Your words-
Wrapping me whole…

Covering me,
My heart-
Pleasing my soul…


Magnolia Moon


Do you see me,
Dancing under the magnolia tree?
Waiting for the moon and stars,
Feeling free…
I hear your whispers,
Enchanting me…
Love is still ours,
Come and see…


Our Storm

A celestial rage,
A mystical fury,
A violent inspiration,
Shot straight through me-
A roaring whisper,
A screaming sigh,
A scorching breath,
Stopped wondering why-
A scathing passion,
A heartfelt lashing,
A sincere longing,
Our needs and wants always clashing…


Who Needs Opiates? (I Have Dreams)

I caught a glimpse
Of you, last night.
I recognized you,
For the first time
In a long time…
Felt the longing
And the understanding,
Just enough to leave
The imprint of memory…
A second of warmth
Before waking…

Shivering in cold sweat,
Too early to rise,
With an ache that
Wouldn’t go away…
I drifted back
Into empty darkness
And woke in a fog
Of remembrance…

Please, torture me
Some more.
Let me dream
Of whom I adore,
So, in waking,
This pain,
I can ignore…

Three Words (Over and Over)

I long to open my heart past the restraints of my mind…
Where I can show you my love for you, fierce, loyal, and kind…
I keep over thinking every word, wishing I could hear you…
I won’t get over this, or I would have by now, what can I do?
My voice keeps repeating:
I love you, I Love You, I LOVE YOU!!!



When I am silent,
You are deafening.
I hear more than echoes
Of you in my ancient soul…
Echoes could never be so powerful.

When I delve within to draw from strength,
I see the places I let you kiss and finger…
The silken bonds we never could sever…
Chills down my spine, into my legs make me shiver.
Words do not do justice to this emotional river…

You remind me, I’m not fighting alone.
The thought of you makes me smile
From the inside, and to me, that is home.