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Escape of Music and Poetry

Feeling the notes, blissfully
Letting the rhythm fill me,
Leaving this place I don’t want to be
Far away, behind me…
Filling my sight with beauty,
Drowning my sorrows in tea,
Filling my mind with clever poetry.
Forgetting the world, remembering me…


Dark Sanctuary

I don’t know
How to let go…
You’re the best
I’ve (n)ever known.
Even after all these years,
The love is stronger than the fear…
Aware of your desire,
Caught somewhere between
Despair and passion’s fire.
Feeling your touch,
Melding deep in my soul…
Wanting you so much,
You rip me apart…
Reassemble me till I’m whole.
Wrap your hands around me,
Bind me to you, where I feel free…
Let me kiss away the pain you hold within,
Your teeth drawing the heat from my skin…
Consume me in the flame of your lustful need,
Our passionate screams crescendo as we feed…
Your fingers intertwine with mine
In the darkness, where we find
Sanctuary, in the depths of our minds.