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Internal Dialogue

We all say-

“I love too hard”

“I fell too hard”

“I’m too sensitive”

“Too intense”

“Too emotional”

“Too damaged”

“Too dramatic”

“Too different”

“Too anxious”

“Too timid”

“Too bold”

When what we mean is-

“I am willing to sacrifice for love”

“I believed in them”

“I have a strong intuition”

“I do not hide from emotion”

“I am willing to express emotion”

“I have been hurt, I know how to heal”

“I feel intensely”

“I know who I am”

“I desire safety”

“I dislike too much attention”

“I am not afraid to express myself”

When will we stop feeling “too”,

And start feeling “enough”…?




It seems when I come together,
The world around me falls apart…

Why can’t I be whole
Without breaking my heart?

Why does the Universe test me
Just when I become steady?

Why must the intensity of the moment
Force me to remain dormant?

Why does anger still consume me
To the point of insanity?

Why are some people amused
With how innocents are abused?

Why does the shroud confuse me
When I finally gain clarity?

When I scream inwardly for silence,
Why am I always met with violence?



I feel like I am being held
By my ankles and wrists,
Pulled tight, starting to twist…
Empathy binds my feet,
Vengeance grips my wrists.
I’m not wrung yet,
Although pain is setting in…
No tears or screams, yet…
I know there is much
Worse to come.


Obsession is not Devotion

When people
“Want the best”
For me,
is when I least
Want their company.
Yeah, I heard you,
“I’m only doing this
Because I love you”
But, what you really mean is-
“Do this, because I love you”
They are not the same.
One is an expression of care,
The other is manipulation to soothe
Your conscience.
I am not an object, I feel real emotions.
Please, don’t disguise your obsession as devotion.



You see me struggling,
And you add to my burden.
Complain until you get what you want,
Then you don’t have time to help.
The pain on my face is enough
To cause you to pause,
But not enough for empathy.
My cries for help are met
With a sympathetic face
And still hands…
I want to scream at you,
But, I kiss you goodbye.  
You leave,
I cry.
Another fucked up morning…