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Internal Dialogue

We all say-

“I love too hard”

“I fell too hard”

“I’m too sensitive”

“Too intense”

“Too emotional”

“Too damaged”

“Too dramatic”

“Too different”

“Too anxious”

“Too timid”

“Too bold”

When what we mean is-

“I am willing to sacrifice for love”

“I believed in them”

“I have a strong intuition”

“I do not hide from emotion”

“I am willing to express emotion”

“I have been hurt, I know how to heal”

“I feel intensely”

“I know who I am”

“I desire safety”

“I dislike too much attention”

“I am not afraid to express myself”

When will we stop feeling “too”,

And start feeling “enough”…?





Blue Fire
Bright Pyre
Bound Wire
Black Desire

Inky imagination
Divulging dreams
In the dark…

Dangerous fascination,
Held in sensual tension.



Spiritual spark-
To start the ignition
Perpetual dark-
To steel this condition
I feel the energy-
Flowing in my blood
I sense the synergy-
Rushing with the flood
Yearning to shout-
Searching around
Burning the doubt-
Scorching the ground
You still light the fire within-
I still fight, still won’t give in…