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Fuck my Loneliness

How can I be so attached
To what I’ve never had?
The spirals of questions,
Surely driving me mad…
Tease me
With what I need,
Then leave me
Crawling, begging, grieving
My own greed…
Why engage these games?
When we both
Whisper each other’s names…
Do we?  Do you?…
I don’t even know
If this makes sense to you…
So, I keep it to myself
Because I’m not sure
You can help…
Even though
My dreams of you
Always do…



Every time
I start to feel blessed,
A part of me
Is battening down,
Waiting for the disaster
To come and shatter
What’s left of my hope…
What would it be like,
To enjoy it without dismay?
Would I breathe, finally-
With a throat free
Of this rope?


Death’s Dark Devotion

The blood seeps through the page,
Eternal flood that transcends age…
Soul in an armored cage,
Hole in my heart, melancholy rage…
The sanguine comfort of death
Softly whispers, “I Love You…”
With its last ragged breath…