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Complex Paradox

When you feel so far,
When your words
Don’t seem real
When your glance slides away,
I feel small and unremarkable,
Disappointing and empty.

When you are not here,
When the dark
Feels so deep,
When I feel so much I can’t say,
I long to show you and be stripped
Of this panic,
This need and desire…
To be swept away.

I try to focus
On my life,
On everything I have
And am grateful for,
But, you are always
Distracting in my periphery…
Endlessly addictive and sensual,
Teasing treaturously.

Your distance is a paradox,
Leaves me in wonderment,
Of an adoration so complex…


Wrapping Me in Bliss

Whispers of you,
Your words-
Wrapping me whole…

Covering me,
My heart-
Pleasing my soul…


Elusive, yet ever Present…

You are
The incessant desire
The one
For whom my heart
Would break its own will…


4:00 AM

4:00 AM, awake again…
I know why.
I close my eyes,
And it’s like…
I can feel your heat against my thighs,
Can you hear my whispers and sighs?
Do you feel my fingertips,
Your soul embracing mine…
Our hearts intertwine,
The deepest bliss, for you, to find-
Over and over again in my mind…



I want to hold you
The way I do in my heart.
I want to disassemble the distance
That keeps tearing us apart.
I want to show you
The depth of my love for you,
I don’t know how, or where to start.

Dark Sanctuary

I don’t know
How to let go…
You’re the best
I’ve (n)ever known.
Even after all these years,
The love is stronger than the fear…
Aware of your desire,
Caught somewhere between
Despair and passion’s fire.
Feeling your touch,
Melding deep in my soul…
Wanting you so much,
You rip me apart…
Reassemble me till I’m whole.
Wrap your hands around me,
Bind me to you, where I feel free…
Let me kiss away the pain you hold within,
Your teeth drawing the heat from my skin…
Consume me in the flame of your lustful need,
Our passionate screams crescendo as we feed…
Your fingers intertwine with mine
In the darkness, where we find
Sanctuary, in the depths of our minds.


Hunger, Inside

As I wake,
I feel the weight of arms
That have never held me…
I claw at covers,
Digging for you,
My nerves are alive,
I shiver,
Feeling the ghostly stroke
Of familiar fingers on my skin…
My breath quickens,
And my body writhes…
The day begins,
And I rise,
Carrying the hunger for you, inside…



My heart is warm
With the wonderful wishes
Of my friends and loved-ones,
I am spending my day in loving fellowship…
I’ve received many gifts,
I’m very grateful
For all the blessings in my life…

But, there is something(someone?)
I’ve never asked for
That I’ve wanted for so long,
The want of it(him) stings,
Burns deep in my core…
I can’t seem to escape it(myself),
I always want


Sweet Honey


The day always seems longer

When I am thinking of you,

The passion and hunger

Keep bleeding through

No matter what I do…

I need some release,

A way to be free,

To enjoy something for me…

I need something sweet

To melt in this heat…


How about some raw honey

In a cup of green tea?

Would you like to

Enjoy it with me?



-Day three of the “Five Photos, Five Stories” challenge.

Morning Dream

Light is filtering through the inky blue curtains,
And I am halfway awake, still in a dream daze…
Snuggled deep and warm in pillows and blankets.
I close my eyes to embrace waking slowly, and you are there…

I feel your warm breath…
On my shoulder,
Up my neck,
And into my ear…
A chill runs through me, as I feel your finger trace
Down the naked curve of my spine, and settle,
Cupping your hand around my ass and squeezing…

Your other hand is stroking my hair,
Caressing my neck,
Moving down to cup my breast,
I whimper, as you squeeze me
Gently, but firmly, in your strong hands…
You pull me so close, I can feel your heart pound against my spine.

My blood is ice and fire,
I am consumed
In desire,
In passion,
In need…
I wonder if you feel the same, will you to whisper my name…
I growl in need, my hunger screams to feed…

…But, then I hear the creak of my son’s door,
The pitter-patter of his feet on the floor,
Then, “Hi, mommy”, and my focus snaps to,
I’m forced to put away my fantasies of you…
But, if you asked if I still daydream of you,
I’d smile, and shyly reply, “I do.”…