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Washing the Light Away

I love mornings
When the clouds are fiery patches
In the crisp blue of early sunrise,
When thin filaments of silver
Are caught on branches in the glow of low sun, shimmering like tinsel-
When wind bellows through the redwoods and maples,
Swirling red needles and golden leaves,
Autumn’s rustling shower,
When the fat drops hit the windows,
Washing the light away from the season…

Midnight Storm

Laying in the dark,
Listening to the storm ravage,
Feral howls and deep booms,
Livid rain pelting the glass…
I want to be wrapped in you-
Devoured by your dark storm,
Soaked in your slick rain,
Washed away in your want…
Willing you to feel every curve,
To caress every crevice of my soul
Whispering your name, over and over…