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The Silence

I miss⁣
The silence⁣
Between our⁣
Nervous words,⁣
The safety⁣
In the rhythm⁣
Of your breath,⁣
The longing to⁣
Reach out,⁣
Reach you…⁣
Before the⁣
Uncertainty ⁣
The moment,⁣
When the connection⁣
Was almost enough…⁣
I miss⁣
The silence…⁣


I went for a walk,
And It was like I was dreaming,
Or maybe just fully awake
For the first time in a long time…
The grass was impossibly green,
The sky was illuminated in technicolor blue,
All of the Autumn colors sharper
Than I’ve ever seen them.
I almost cried,
When I thought of how much I miss,
How much beauty passes me by
On any given day-
Maybe I am dreaming
In this world,
And the real me is somewhere with you…
Forgive me for being honest,
But I’d prefer if that were true.