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Complex Paradox

When you feel so far,
When your words
Don’t seem real
When your glance slides away,
I feel small and unremarkable,
Disappointing and empty.

When you are not here,
When the dark
Feels so deep,
When I feel so much I can’t say,
I long to show you and be stripped
Of this panic,
This need and desire…
To be swept away.

I try to focus
On my life,
On everything I have
And am grateful for,
But, you are always
Distracting in my periphery…
Endlessly addictive and sensual,
Teasing treaturously.

Your distance is a paradox,
Leaves me in wonderment,
Of an adoration so complex…




I think maybe
You mistake me,
Think I can’t see
Or feel you…
I may not speak,
But, I feel you
Watching me,
Chiding me,
For my silence…
Is there depth
To the dependence,
Is it addiction
To aesthetic,
Or am I the event horizon,
The point that terrifies…
The endless questions staggering,
Spiraling in and out…
Shattering in Oblivion.