Dreams & Delusions…


Mastering the Slide

The sodden ground
Has gotten quite slippery
It’s a good thing
I’m learning to master
The controlled slide…

I almost fell on my face in the mud scrambling back up the creek bank after taking this photo of a blooming skunk cabbage, and this is where my mind took it. I was originally going to post this to Instagram, but my photo/text editor has decided not to work for me anymore. I hope you enjoy.


Tell Me-

​Could I be- more than a memory,

While I’m still alive?
More than a blur- in your periphery,
Live for more, than just to survive?
‘Cause I have this urge to howl
Every night at the moon,
Long to soothe away your scowl,
If not now, then- Soon.
I’m trying to speak- To find my voice,
To sing again, pure and true,
Our tale of circumstance and choice,
To remind you- I. Love.You.



​Back to the sequencing frequencies,

The wondering and the eccentricities…
The thoughts and emotional scenes,
When I think of you and me.


Our Place

​Some nights,

Laying in the dark-
I can feel you reaching,
Your warmth caressing,
Sharing the same space,
Our place we have made-
In the midnight dark,
My soul longs,
And my heart aches-
Still torn apart.


Just Maybe.

​Maybe I’m a vessel

For emptiness,
Maybe I’m programmed
For loneliness,
Maybe I’m screaming
Inside the silence…



​I try so hard to be honest,

To live authentically.
I am still trying my hardest,
To show you, frantically
You know me better than the rest,
You let go, tragically…
Yet, the fantasy is my best,
I love you, magically…


Accidentally Anxious

​This feeling-

Wanting to be
Where you need me,
Not on purpose,
Makes me nervous.