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Darkroom Lighting Adjustment

This is so beautiful… ❤

Sophisticating the Rudimentary

He glimpsed in her the possibility of an unwavering light; the constant, overpowering source of life that allows nothing dark to stay without an interrogation proving its validity. She, for a moment, caught sight of a hidden trove of underexposed prints in the darkroom of his soul, and with her assuring smile, replaced the gloomy incandesce of the reddish hue that had until then glowed in that place within him with a brilliance of illumination. The change in lighting caused him  a temporary blindness, feeling at once thrilled with the temporary disappearance of the darkroom fears and a frightening sensation of what her reaction would be when she saw what was hiding in wait. As his eyes adjusted to the light she brought to the contrasted dark of his life, he realized what she had been doing while his sight was lost. The illumination she cast into the darkroom…

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Illuminate the World

Yes, this…

Source of Inspiration


We illuminate the world
by our existence
our Being shines unattended.
The Light is eternal
coming forth from deep within.

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I love this! Moths and butterflies are special to me…

Personal thoughts..



Indeed… I love this!

Fragile and Strong


I keep coming back to you
Without words
It feels as if you see me
Have always seen me
Silently watching

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My Arrow Is My Eye — an original poem

I love this! 🙂 *Channels her inner Katniss*

Stellular Scribe

by Kekai Kotaki by Kekai Kotaki

My arrow is my eye,
it looses with a sigh,
I follow it and know where it
will land before it flies.

Crunching armor, broken blades batter,
steel’s a charmer, it doesn’t matter —
a soldier’s game is rough and unrefined;
but an archer’s blow is dealt with her mind.

Once in the knee,
twice in the chest,
go for the throat
and your chances are best —
pick off the weak,
put down the frail,
mock the muscle
aim through the mail!

My arrow is my eye,
it glares across the sky,
I follow it and see through it
for the arrow, true, is I.

© 2015 Stellular Scribe

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Music Theme- Only Time

Who can say

Where the road goes

Where the day flows

Only time

And if it means I’ll be waiting for twenty years and twenty more

I’ll be praying for redemption and your note underneath my door

When our lives are over

And all that remains

Are our skulls and bones

Let’s take it to the grave

How long

Can we keep holding on?

Our time is running out

Our time is running out

You can’t push it underground

You can’t stop it screaming out



Only time holds the answers

It’s only time

I’s only everything.  ❤

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Lisa, Johnny, Bear, Maddie, & Willow


This hit me hard. We are all worthy of love, even when those inner voices say otherwise…


Don’t believe the lies inside your head. 

Everyone should feel loved. 

Everyone is worth love.

I have heard the voices and they are cruel and if you let them they will bully you. 

Never give up… never let go!


Your kiss sends me flying

Above natures golden leaves

Your words send me diving

Into waters full of mystery

But my heart keeps stopping

Worried I’ve flown too far

Worried I dove too deep

In the moments without a beat

I can hear the demons call

They know me by name

They mimic your voice

I don’t deserve to be happy

The voices are harsh, berating

Asking why someone could possibly

Love such a troubled soul as me

In the end I fall, in the end I drown

Because I flew too high they said

Because I dove too deep they cried

Taunting my feeble humanity

They save me from the…

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Indeed. This is beautiful. ❤


This really resonates with me… Especially while healing from a hellish week of immobilizing pain. I went for a walk today, and I am so thankful. 🙂

Fire and Smoke



Blaze like a phoenix
igniting the ashes
of a night
burned to oblivion.
We are flames
only extinguished by
doubt and hopelessness
so torch this fear
of what we might be
and burn brightly enough
to douse defeat
in the fires
of what we could be
if we can only
see through smoke.

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A Minor Part in a Major Play

I love, love, love this! So beautiful, supportive, and loving… 🙂 ♡


Terrible news… A bright, beautiful soul was lost today. I didn’t know him personally, and just recently started following his blog, but Marcus seemed like such a lovely soul. R.I.P. fellow poet. 😦

Music Theme- Winter Solstice

I’ve been following Lisa and Johnny Ojanpera for a while, now. I’ve even had the pleasure of collaborating with each of them!
If you missed what we came up with, you can check out my collab with Lisa here, and my collab with Johnny here.
Anyway, I’ve really been enjoying their music theme posts, and so I decided to participate this time. 😉 The holidays are hard for me, and the theme is Winter Solstice, so don’t expect any cutesy Christmas songs!

winter solstice


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Enjoy! If you feel so inclined, check out the other participants! Here they are: Bear, Eva, Willow, Lisa, Johnny, and Maddie.

Song of Grace



This slammed home with me…

Coffee With Noor

She despised
being so awfully

It wasn’t easy,
having countless
secrets to tell
and no one with
enough compassion
to truly listen.

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Yes. Nailed it! 😉

Eternal Gifts

The pull feels stronger than ever…

Through the Fog poetry

In the deep caverns of my soul…
There is this longing,
A desire for an all-consuming flame,
A need for you…

In the beginning…
We were created,
Beautiful gifts for each other,
Though doomed from the start,
Our shining and shadowy souls intertwined…
For even the brightest light produces the darkest shadow…
The light cannot be without the darkness,
As I cannot abide without you…

In the end…
We will be united,
Though a way has escaped us now,
Light and darkness will combine…
The contrast between us will perish,
We will be as one…
The balance will be absolute,
And we will once again be unbroken…

So come to me once again…
I will warm your frozen soul…
We will rekindle the flames that burn so brightly,
No longer will they be smothered in doubt,
One day we will be free…

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Anxiety… This is how it feels, sometimes…



Infects her thoughts
Holding her hostage
Screening and erasing
Her cries for help
Riddles her with angst
Constantly chastising
Rendering her helpless
To its mindless chatter
Hijacks her emotions
Running high speed
Full throttled attack
Beating her senseless
Sends in its battalion
Of whispering ants
Surrender this day
Throw it all away
Drops crazy into place
Absorbed by her mind
And she finds her space
As darkness descends
Drapes its fog over her
And the voices stop
And the world slows
And the devil hits mute
Descends in a misty veil
Angels dressed to the nines
Blurry and out of focus
Standing just beyond
No, its upside down
Its 8mm conspiracy
Appears; a commercial break
A smooth talking salesman
Speaking like a breeze
His voice vanishing time
Opens her mouth to speak
As the salesman’s eyes
Find her…

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Yay! Thank you!


I just had to share this with everybody.  Geeky goodness!  Thank you!  I appreciate all of you for reading, commenting, liking, and sharing.  It means a lot to me!

Halloween Masks Samhain

This is perfect, I just had to share… 🙂

Love & Death

I may write something spooky today, but in case I don’t, here’s a poem I wrote a few years ago for All Hallows’ Eve. 😉

Through the Fog poetry

While her heart craves harmony,
She won’t give into this soul arsony.
Pain is an old familiar friend,
Reminding her this has no end.

Walking through this haunted hall,
She picks up a broken piece
She reads her analogy
And lets it cease
She writes her elegy…

A memory
Never seems to fade,
That tastes of honey
Laced with nightshade

She hears his ardent call,
Though she refuses to fall.
Screaming throughout her head,
It’s her own voice that she dreads.

Love to make
Her death taste sweet
Her fragile heart to break
Her dying eyes to meet…

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I’m really feeling this, today…