Dreams & Delusions…



IMG_2554.JPGMy hands have been in this world

For 34 years,

They have seen their fair share

Of work and life, sorrow and pleasure.

These hands have held hands, hearts, and wounds

Sometimes with tenderness,

Sometimes with a fierce determination

And an unrelenting grip,

Sometimes, an umbilical lifeline.

These hands ache

To heal, to hurt, to soothe, to caress,

With the abandon only wildness brings.

Hands of a healer, a mother, a lover, an adventurer…

Hands that have stirred, kneaded, rolled, and turned over…

Hands that have clawed through the dirt, have planted many seeds,

Have brought forth life, and have taken it away…

These hands have created, written, expressed, painted,

Sawed, filed, sanded, soldered, polished,

Soothed, healed, caressed, massaged, and teased,

Nurtured, comforted, hugged, held, and tickled…

My hands are not perfect,

My hands are beautiful.


Too Much

I never mean to

Drag you down with me,

I don’t want to trouble you

Or to be too painful to hold,

But intention is not reality,

And we don’t always succeed

In doing as we say.

I’m sorry that I am







I’m sorry






Certain Confusion

Has been an unfamiliar accomplice,
While creation has lent itself to Complication.

Has been a strange paradox,
One of comfort, vexation, and

Has been an infuriating anguish,
As I have grasped only certain



Photo by Antanya St. John


To your smile,

Opening to the light…

After such a long night,

Staring in awe.

You are not just bright,




Never Covered

I Can’t Stop

She has a gift for putting into words emotions that I have only felt and have such a hard time expressing. This is why I love art.



I say that I can’t stop,
that some ineffable force
drives me
to look for you,
write to you,
remember you.

I claim that I can’t help it.

I can’t help
the incessantness
of it all,
like I have the inability
to forget.

And that’s true.

Sort of.

I try to convince myself
it’s unavoidable,
but, really,
it’s because
I don’t want to stop.

I love the way
these words feel
on my fingers,
the way they walk
from my hands,
and plant gardens
on the page,
the way they bleed
from my veins
and scorch
the eyes
and ears
and hearts
of the world.

I want to see your face,
take sneak peeks
into your world.
I want to watch you play,
hear the melody alighting
from your hands.

I want to see you,
but no one is forcing me.
There is no gun or knife
encouraging me to…

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Tell Me

This. ❤



Tell me
even if it hurts.
Tell me
even if you think
the world might crumble
because you said it out loud.
Tell me
because chances are few
and true loves even fewer.
Tell me
because it matters,
because it’s true.
Tell me
even though you’re afraid
because fear is only an obstacle,
a barrier to truth.
Tell me
because I deserve to hear
and you deserve to speak.
Tell me
even if it’s
because it is
and that’s okay.
Tell me
because you can’t keep it in,
because it’s the only thing
you’ve ever wanted to say.
Tell me
because I have always told you.



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Excellent work!  I had to share.

Source: Essence

On Love/Passion

I added a visual representation of the thought I recorded a couple days ago. This thought came to me with a very strong image that I couldn’t ignore, I finally had time to do something with it. I apologize for the reblog, but I wanted to make sure people got to see it.  🙂

Through the Fog poetry

It’s only real if it frightens you…

Natural Energy Convergence Natural Energy Convergence- by Antanya


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Dangerous Beauty


Beauty is a dangerous trap,
Don’t turn your back,
Or else, Snap!
You can never go back…



I took these photos of some cobra lilies I found while hiking in the Trinity Alps Wilderness.  They are a carnivorous plant that is native to Northern California, and are quite rare to find. 🙂

Is It Possible

Oh… It is possible… 😉

Opposites ~ by Antanya St. John

I wrote this guest post for Johnny Ojanpera, he picked the photo. Check out his blog! He’s a great writer, I really enjoy his work. 🙂


I really love this. ❤

Heart’s Hope

Rainbows edge.

Beautiful… Sad, but beautiful…


A torrent of soft tears

falling from the skies.

There’s never been a day,

when I haven’t wondered why.

A rainbow on the soft white clouds,

even the universe sighs.

And as the sky clears

and the clouds wave goodbye

I wonder will I see him,

when I finally die.

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Remember This, Every Day Of Your Life.


It is so easy to blame ourselves when we get disappointed by people. We accept at times that which needs to be owned by others. We do this because of low self-esteem, or we want to believe so much in someone else’s goodness that we dirty up our own image to protect what we want so much for them to be. We don’t do any one any favors when we do this. It is time to rip off all the bandages and let the truth air out into the light. It is time to recognize, who you are, with all your weaknesses and strengths, your gifts and achievements. Be proud that you are a good friend, a good mother, and a good person. You genuinely care about people. Be proud of yourself for the gifts you have given from the heart. Admire yourself for loving some with all your heart…

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Chaos of Contradictions


Rebecca Grace

There is so much truth in this…

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Beautiful things

This is simply beautiful.


MMMmmm, I am in love… 😉

Rain Down On Me

Indeed… ❤

The Migraine Chronicles


Let it rain down on me

the hail, the thunder, the lightning

bring the storm

in all it’s beauty

let the winds swirl

magnify around me

let the glory of nature

rain down on me

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Photo credit: “We Are Humanity” on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeRHumanity

“The biggest compliment is when someone tells me my soul is beautiful”

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Breathing Melodies

This is so beautifully passionate! ❤


Play a song for me.
Finger the strings
as if they were my body
and play me
like you mean it.
Let me taste your music
in the full of my mouth
and breathe melodies
into my skin.
Pretend I am
who you need
and flay me,
tear into me,
and stir up a flash flood
of urgency.
You are the passion
in the poetry
and I can be the sizzle
in your strings.
Play a song for me
and watch me
bury my hands
in your notes.

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You Say…

This really resonated with me… ❤


You say my name
like it matters,
like it means something
more than me,
like it’s beauty
tied to hope.

And that’s lovely, isn’t it?

I wonder how you would say it
if you knew the caverns
carved in my heart
or the dirt I shoveled into them.
Would my name
roll off your tongue
like the dark
and desecrated pieces
that I am
or would you still think
it’s beautiful?

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Tell Me Something Beautiful

I felt this one to my core… Nice work, BB.

The Migraine Chronicles


Tell me something beautiful
Something I need to hear
I can’t breathe right now
Not without you near

Tell me something beautiful
Something that I can feel
My lungs can’t take pressure
I need to know you’re real

Tell me something beautiful
The darkness covers me
Tell me that the light remains
So maybe I can see

Tell me something beautiful
You know I’m fading fast
Please tell me something beautiful
Why do you make me ask

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