Dreams & Delusions…



I keep saying
I’m going to get some sleep,
But every time I rest,
These images of you creep
Through my consciousness,
And I fall so deep
Into you, into me…
I’m going to get some sleep.


Calypso’s Slippers


Calypso calls
In her blushing glory-
“I’ll weave you
A golden skin,
Only stay,
To adore me…
I’ll keep you
On the sweetest wine,
Only say
You’re eternally mine…”
Dancing in slippers,
Delicate silk…
Touching iridescent skin,
Pale as milk.
Come, adventurer,
And drink of me,
We’ll forever rule the sea…


Whispers of Intimacy

I hear whispers of spirit-
Calling on the Spring wind,
Howling my name…
Caressing my ears teasingly,
Trailing tingling fingers on my throat,
Swirling through tendrils
Of my long hair,
Wrapping warmth around
My shivering soul…

Sending my love in pure energy,
Feeling the harmony of our synergy…
You’re so far, but so close to me,
Still… My most intimate fantasy.




I want to ride you,
To feel the spasm
Of each peak
Of your crescendo,
Drowning in a tantric ocean
Of orgasmic waves…
Rocking with the motion
My soul still craves…


Artist Credit



I want to slumber
All day, into the night…
Dream of waking in your arms,
Basking in your morning light…


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Soul Sex

Cold caress-
Chilling my arms

Shivers slithering-
Down my spine

Warmth wrapping-
Around my core

Torturous tingles-
Between my hips

Spirals slipping-
Circling my toes

Gliding grasps-
Gripping my thighs

Salacious slaps-
Striking my ass

Sliding strokes-
Under my soul


Stormy Dreams

Trees dancing violently in twilight,
Moving lace patterns
On my walls,
Shadows playing with light…
In my dreams,
We curl around and into each other,
Tangled and breathless…
Grips grasping, souls sliding,
Fingers finding, tounges tasting…
Sensuous dancing
To the syncopated rhythm,
Matching our intensity to
The deep bassline rattling the windows…
Wind and rain punctuated
With passionate whispers and screams…


Midnight Storm

Laying in the dark,
Listening to the storm ravage,
Feral howls and deep booms,
Livid rain pelting the glass…
I want to be wrapped in you-
Devoured by your dark storm,
Soaked in your slick rain,
Washed away in your want…
Willing you to feel every curve,
To caress every crevice of my soul
Whispering your name, over and over…


Dark Sanctuary

I don’t know
How to let go…
You’re the best
I’ve (n)ever known.
Even after all these years,
The love is stronger than the fear…
Aware of your desire,
Caught somewhere between
Despair and passion’s fire.
Feeling your touch,
Melding deep in my soul…
Wanting you so much,
You rip me apart…
Reassemble me till I’m whole.
Wrap your hands around me,
Bind me to you, where I feel free…
Let me kiss away the pain you hold within,
Your teeth drawing the heat from my skin…
Consume me in the flame of your lustful need,
Our passionate screams crescendo as we feed…
Your fingers intertwine with mine
In the darkness, where we find
Sanctuary, in the depths of our minds.


(Undecided Title)


It is the shiver
Between my shoulders,
The trickle
Between my thighs…
The silent siren
In my soul,
The burning breath
In my blood…

Haunted Desire by SasoSaku

This desire
Has claws and teeth,
Does not slip by
So easy…

It is the scream
That squalls
Through my skeleton,
The wordless,
Whispering chant
In my womb…
The tremble
In the touch of my tongue…

Angel and Demon

This desire
Has claws and teeth,
Does not slip by
So easy…

It is the pain
In my passion,
The stinging snap
In my spirit…
The nemesis
Of my nonchalance,
The dramatic diary
Of my deepest,


Source- Unknown

I’m still torn over the title of this piece…

I’m tempted to use “Demonic Desire”, but that feels too cliche’.

Please, feel free to comment with suggestions.

Awake or Asleep

My early mornings
Are laced with dreams-
Tender, teasing touches,
Passionate kisses,
Whispers and growls,
Bodies and breath,
Writhing in rhythmic cycles…
Your touch goes soul-deep
Whether I’m awake or asleep.
My most treasured fantasies,
My deepest desires,
Are yours to keep…
I don’t need to understand-
My longing soul is caressed
By your strong, soothing hands.


Morning Dream

Light is filtering through the inky blue curtains,
And I am halfway awake, still in a dream daze…
Snuggled deep and warm in pillows and blankets.
I close my eyes to embrace waking slowly, and you are there…

I feel your warm breath…
On my shoulder,
Up my neck,
And into my ear…
A chill runs through me, as I feel your finger trace
Down the naked curve of my spine, and settle,
Cupping your hand around my ass and squeezing…

Your other hand is stroking my hair,
Caressing my neck,
Moving down to cup my breast,
I whimper, as you squeeze me
Gently, but firmly, in your strong hands…
You pull me so close, I can feel your heart pound against my spine.

My blood is ice and fire,
I am consumed
In desire,
In passion,
In need…
I wonder if you feel the same, will you to whisper my name…
I growl in need, my hunger screams to feed…

…But, then I hear the creak of my son’s door,
The pitter-patter of his feet on the floor,
Then, “Hi, mommy”, and my focus snaps to,
I’m forced to put away my fantasies of you…
But, if you asked if I still daydream of you,
I’d smile, and shyly reply, “I do.”…



We experiment with chemicals
Like we are alchemists,
But it’s gonna take a lot more
Than a few tabs to turn us to gold.
If we can’t have what we want,
Will we keep intensifying the dreams
Until they carry us away?
Maybe that’s where we need to be-
Where we can lose our limits,
And feel free…
When you feel ready to swim,
Dive into Love’s sensory sea-
You’ll never be alone,
As long as there’s me.



I hear you, Fiacha…
Your swelling cries,
Your insistent clicks,
Cawing in frustration…
I’m truly sorry-
My heart speaks raven,
Though my tongue cannot…


I had a raven follow me for a while on my walk, today.  I swear, he was trying to tell me something…

Rainy Day (with You) *Adult*

Draw me into this wicked trance
Let me show you my rain dance
Come here, show me those plans
Warm my body with your fervent hands
Snuggle up to me in warm covers
Remind me that we will always be lovers
Whisper your love in my ear
Until I can’t remember the fear
Kiss me like we do in our dreams
Show me this is more than it seems
Stroke your fingers through my hair
Touch my soul with your heated stare
Pull me close, heat growing intense
Let the anticipation heighten all sense
My fingers swirling and stroking your skin
My only desire, to completely let you in
Your hand slides between my thighs
As I stroke you, I sigh, “*****, you’re my favorite high…”
Teasing, moving together, we start to groan
The rhythm of your fingers makes me moan
You whisper my name, then growl in need
We long to satiate the hunger, to finally feed
I can’t take it anymore, I need you deep inside
You pull me on to you, I gasp and moan in a slow ride
We don’t need to hurry, baby, please take your time
Give us something to remember, perfect and sublime
Won’t stop until we’re both satisfied and ready for sleep
An eternal, treasured memory for only us to keep


Just a rainy day fantasy…  We all have those, right?  😉