Dreams & Delusions…


Rapture Calling ~ with Antanya St. John

I really enjoyed writing this with Johnny Ojanpera, it was quite a trip! 🙂

Ascension to Liberation- A duet


There are things that thrive in dark places,
Rather than die.
I prefer light, bright honest spaces,
Rather than lie.
Sometimes it is necessary
To expand our comfortable periphery,
Or else end in purgatory.
When needs are met, scruples become secondary.
A telling, more true than every word humming,
I can see it in my own eyes.
The darkest places in me reside,
My desire is for light and a possibility.
To become as wide-eyed,
As only one can in the mind.
As my soul opens to opportunity,
I confidently approach with certainty
That I will master the writhing ghosts inside of me.
I quickly draw near to the cliffs, the point of ascension,
As pain reaches threshold, my screams release tension.
When I jump I see the world as it is,
A choice between love and light, pain indiscreet.
To steer my flight, to bathe in the sun’s heat,
I become the essence of my truth.
The darkness remains in limbo,
Here I am free to thrive, open to this uncanny liberation.

~A duet by Johnny Ojanpera and I. I really enjoyed writing this with him, he’s very talented. Check out his page!

My Everything (Through Winter’s Cold)


I’ve never asked to be loved
I searched within then up above
I longed for something more
A soul I could explore
A much deeper feeling
A heart, mind worth stealing
It wasn’t enough for me
I found a friend, maybe he found me

I crossed my lines to make a way
I waited for him every day
We laughed like no tomorrow
He tried to soothe my sorrow
The feeling grew and grew
Until we felt we knew
Each others’ dreams and fears
Though distant, we shared the tears

We never touched, but we could feel
I’ll never deny, we are real
I couldn’t explain the feeling
All I knew was I was reeling
I’d never felt so connected
When I felt alone, neglected
He was the essence that saved me
I felt like I could be happy

My sun, my moon, my light
My morning, noon, my night
My everything and my all
Picking me up from my fall
Loving me in spite of who I am
My friend, my lover, my man
Has awakened new life in me
I give myself to him eternally

He is the one to whom my soul calls
The only one who was worth the fall
My deepest, most treasured fantasy
Will always be him here with me
Stronger than any physical bond
Of his heart and soul I’m eternally fond
Even when I’m alone I feel his hold
Carrying me through Winter’s cold

~A duet, by Bruised Belly from The Migraine Chronicles and I. 🙂
I really enjoyed writing with her, she’s an amazing writer. Check out her page!

Sempiternal- A collaboration


We stand on the cliff and watch

A path set before us to operate

All eyes on us with confidence

Our skill is strong, tempestuous

Thunderheads rampage above us

The storm threatening to ravage

As we temper in the flame, intensify

We are survivors, warriors from within

Lost in the wind, only one way out

Fastened on the perennial breath

Demons dance on the borderline

No distractions, forward thrust

Time slows, as we flow in deadly grace

Dancing without fear through darkness

Keeping the shining horizon in view

As our spirit wolves lunge in attack

From opposite ends of the spectrum

We fly through the outer resistance

Never deviating from the target

We meet on the equinox in the spiral up

We streak brighter, further- burning souls

Passionately determined to meet our goals

Refined in intuition, glowing and light

As we brightly blur, away from the night

This is a collaboration with the lovely Lisa Ojanpera, from Underground Energy.  I really enjoyed writing with her. This is my first collaboration. 🙂